Heating & Air Conditioning Tips

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Tips for Saving Energy in Your Home

Here is some advice from  http://www.calgary-plumbers.co/ that will help you conserve energy, save money and do your part to help the environment.

Equalized Payment Plan

Ask your utility company about equalized payments. This will make your gas charges the same each month so there are no huge boosts during the winter.


Your furnace needs to be kept clean, adjusted and lubricated annually. If your furnace is well taken care of, it will be more efficient, which means less energy used and less money spent. Replace of clean filters every couple of months. Dirty filters will stop air from flowing… read full article

Protect Your Gas Furnace with These Four Tips

Your gas furnace should last a few decades. However, if you are like a lot of people you may not think about it much until there is a problem. That’s why you have to use the following tips shared by http://www.furnace-repair-toronto.ca to maintain your appliance and keep it working.

1-Remember Safety

furnaceBefore you begin any work on your furnace, maintenance or otherwise, look over the scene to be sure that you’re being safe about the work you’re about to do. It might be necessary to turn off power to the appliance before you start.

If you smell gas at any … read full article

Why Should You Switch to a High Efficiency Gas Furnace?

Older homes usually have older furnaces.  The more time you spend with these equipment, the more they get attached to you and the more reasons you make to postpone the process of getting them replaced as needed. Although you can always tell yourself that it still serves its purpose, older furnaces should eventually be replaced. These are the two main reasons: (1) lifelong economical service and (2) increased reliability.  Having a high efficiency gas furnace does not only make your home more comfortable http://furnace-repair-edmonton.ca, it also improves the value of your home and helps you save money on gas … read full article

Common Problems of Air Conditioners and How to Fix Them

Air conditioning units are appliances that provide comfort and increase our quality of life.  However, overtime and inevitably, these units will be experiencing electrical and mechanical problems.  In this article, from http://www.plumbers-edmonton.ca/, we’ll be discussing with you the most common problems that you might experience with your air conditioning units and the solutions to these problems. Remember that though there are problems that you can fix yourself, some that are beyond your capabilities will require the expertise of a professional.

Unit is not coming on.  Your air conditioning unit may start to not work during the start of the… read full article

Understanding How Split AC Units Function

You know it’s about time that you installed an AC unit when the heat starts getting unbearable in your home. Most modern homes are never viewed as complete if they lack air conditioning. The split AC units help you regulate the high temperatures and humidity that come with summer. One of the most common systems is the split AC units, which has two independent parts hence its name http://air-conditioning-toronto.ca.

The two are an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit has a blower or fan and evaporator coils while the outdoor unit has a compression and condenser … read full article

DIY Air Conditioner Installation Guide

Air conditioning units are some of the most delicate appliances you can have in your home. These units should be placed strategically and connected as recommended by the manufacturer so that they work properly. This is one of the reasons we recommend having an experienced professional handle all the installations for you. If you are however the adventurous type, you can then handle the installations, but with some help. Outlined below, as reported by http://www.air-conditioning-edmonton.ca/, is a detailed guide on how to install an air conditioner yourself.

Two things, however, need to be clear when installing an air conditioner; … read full article